Grading Philosophy and Practice

All students in this class are expected to complete all assignments and quizzes correctly. We are aiming to teach, not to give IQ tests. However, in practice, students do not always complete all assignments correctly. We use a courser than usual grading scale because we expect you to get substantially everything right. The main types of graded assignments are:

Final grades Final grades are not calculated according to a strict formula or algorithm. When assigning grades, I consider the student's percentage of points available, the fraction of assignments that have a non-zero score (indicative of effort and good intention), and classroom participation. Everyone who participates and gets "substantially all" of the available points will get some kind of "A". In practice, that means if you get >= 90% you will get at least an "A-" and >= 80% at least a B-. These lines may or may not be moved toward awarding higher grades depending on the final distribution of scores and evidence of effort and participation.